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Topic Date Room
Method in Finance”The Nature of Econometrics and Economic Data” 14h45 ,  20/07/2016 B112
Foundation of Finance ”How to calculate Present Values” 14h45 ,  13/06/2016 B112
Financial planning and policy”Overview of rojects and businesses planning and evaluation” 14h45 ,  23/05/2016 B112
Financial Statement Analysis “Chapter 1. Overview of Financial  Statement Analysis ?” 14h45 ,  20/04/2016 B112
Business finance “Goals and Governance of the Firm” 14h45 ,  28/03/2016 B112
Money and financial markets 14h45 ,  22/02/2016 B112
Money and financial markets 14h45 ,  18/01/2016 B112
Financial statement analysis 14h45 ,  21/12/2015 B112
Deviations from optimal CEO ownership and firm value 14h45 ,  23/11/2015 B112
Investor herding behaviour of Chinese stock market 14h45 ,  19/10/2015 B112
Determinant s of corporat e cash holdings: evidence from the emerging market of Turkey 14h45 ,  21/09/2015 B112
Macroeconomic Variables, Firm Characteristics and Stock Returns: Evidence from Turkey 14h45 ,  20/07/2015 B112
Working capital management, corporate performance,and financial constraints 14h45 ,  22/06/2015 B112
Investment and financing constraints in China: Does working capital management make a difference 14h45 , 18/05/2015 B112
How does working capital management affect the profitability of Spanish SMEs? 14h45 , 24/ 04/2015 B112
Symposium on the Monetary Transmission Mechanism 14h45 , 22/ 03/2015 B112
Identifying the interdependence between US monetary policy and the stock market 13h00 , 02/02/2015 B112
MIRR: A Better Measure 13h00, 26/01/2015 B112
Inside the Black Box: The Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission 10h40, 22/12/2014 B112
Efficient Markets Hypothesis and the Emerging Capital Market in Sri Lanka: Evidence from the Colombo Stock Exchange ± A Note 10h40, 17/11/2014 B112
MIRR: A better measure 10h40, 20/10/2014 B112
Investor herding behaviour of Chinese Stock Market 10h40, 29/09/2014 B112
An examination of herd behavior in equity markets: An international perspective 10h30, 30/06/2014 B112
Forecasting stock returns an examination of stock market trading in presence of transaction costs 10h30, 26/05/2014 B112
The impact of firm and industry characteristics on small firms’ capital structure 10h30, 28/04/2014 B112
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