Facts & History


On 15th September, 2009, Faculty of Finance and Banking was separated from Accounting and Finance Faculty under the Decision 904/TDT-TCHC of President of Ton Duc Thang University. This is an important milestone, the start of the development process of Faculty in size and capacity of training in the following years.

From then on, Finance and Banking Faculty has grown continuously in scale, capacities, trained staff. The faculty is organized into three departments including: Finance, Investment and Banking.

Our quality of training is confirmed by the majority of graduates are successful professionals, holding important positions in the commercial banks or large enterprises.

Aiming to supply for society the team of financial experts which has professional knowledge, professional skills and professional ethics; the teachers and officers of our Faculty always make efforts to expand scientific research, apply research in education.


To focus on training and educating, in order to provide skilled, specific human resources in finance, banking to the community.
To focus on research activities, in order to develop a strong research team in economics and finance.

Academics Staffs

All academic staff are qualified with PhD and Master Degree from well-known universities and institutions.
All lecturers have hand – on experiences on finance and banking fields.
Sponsor professors from European University have frequently assisted our faculty in educating and researching.
Lecturers often participating in exchange programs with other partner universities for professional knowledge and research sharing.  

Research Activities

To accomplish stable growth in educating and researching, over the years, Finance and Banking has had certain achievements:
-  Successfully held a number of conferences on finance and banking.
-  Articles published in both international and national conferences proceedings (including ISI and Scopus).

Student Support Activities

Faculty of Finance and Banking often organizes academic and social programs for students to promote specific knowledge as well as reality experience and soft skills:
-       Short term internship program in Taiwan;
-       Termly internship and listen-in programs at banks, companies and security firms;
-       Practical training banking – securities trading transaction at simulation room.

-       Out–door activities, including sport tournament, picnic, voluntary and charity works.  

The Simulation Room

As a student of Finance and Banking Faculty, you will not only receive the fully guidance from professors/ lecturers but also have many chances to access the most modern facilities and software that were actually used by commercial banks, stock broker companies and other companies in finance field. This will obviously help students get the hang of their real jobs in the near future.

A practical class in Stimulation Room
With the aim of improving training quality, The Faculty of Finance and Banking has continuously invested and developed many projects and programs in the last few years. The simulation room was therefore established to meet the needs of the students and requirement of the programs.

The simulation room was open on 08/2011, which is one of the first and the most modern practical simulation room among all the universities in Vietnam. It is thoroughly invested with spacious facilities, including computer systems which are connected to the internet.

This room not only is a simulation of commercial banking, and stock exchange transactions but also equipped with management and transaction software. This is one of our unique training methods to keep up with the social demand and to train our students in the most practical ways.

With this advanced simulation room, students will have many opportunities to practice and approach practical applications of the subjects that they are studying. For example, for those whose majors in Banking, the students will have several chances to work directly on the SMART BANK software. This is the modern banking software system used in the Ocean Bank. It allows students to practice at the basic operations of a commercial bank transaction such as creating new accounts, transferring, foreign trading, lending, loan tracking, and implementing the international payments.

In addition, the students can experience the working environment which is similar to the real stock broker company. This room is equipped with modern software such as BO/FO software, allowing students to directly carry out all the transactions of a stockbroker company such as creating an investment account, preparing investment reports, placing orders to buy or sell stock, managing portfolios, understanding as well as monitoring the online transaction.

This room additionally is the place where the competition called SSC (Student & Securities Challenges) is held annually, attracting students from inside and outside the Faculty.

In conclusion, it is obvious that these simulation utilities, which are being applied at the Faculty of Banking and Finance, are the most modern facilities not only in Vietnam but also in the whole Southeast Asia.

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